Modualr evolution


Modular Evolution

The idea behind the modular helmet design is a concept that allows a single helmet to be the solution to any skydiver at any level.  A helmet setup that can be transformed into what you what when you want.

From a basic open face helmet with a chin strap to a fully functional multi-camera helmet setup, the Sky Shot modular helmet concept allows users to create a helmet/camera helmet setup whatever their needs.

Whether you are just off student status, fun jumper, artistic performer, wingsuit pilot, base jumper or pro camera flyer, we are confident that we can offer a helmet solution to fit your needs.



3-Point Mounting System


All of our mounts have been designed to fit on top of the helmet shell and fixed using our 3-point mounting system.

On all Sky Shot helmets each mount can be easily added or removed to the helmet shell using the 3-point fixings. No extra drilling, just mount and go!

Modualr mounting points and danger deflecting sides


Danger Deflecting Sides

The design of the shell incorporates a surface feature on the side of the helmet aimed to defect any dangers caused by an un-even opening.

The protruding side features have been developed to deflect risers/lines away from the helmet to avoid any contact and potential snag with top mounted devices.

Cut back rim and front for greater visibility and range of movement


Unrestricted Movement and Visibility

For maximum performance in the sport it is crucial to have a full range of movement and visibility. At Sky Shot we want to only offer you the best.

The cut back neck line and rim allows a full range of movement and full field of view whether you use goggles or glasses, or both.