Sky Shot Design is a design-led, creative solutions company with the technical ability to transform ideas from initial concept to full scale production.

Emerging out of an academic project from Loughborough University in 2008 and developed alongside industry professionals, Sky Shot Design focused efforts on designing a compact modular skydiving helmet to meet the evolving demands in sport skydiving.

In 2010 Sky Shot Design introduced a new generation of extreme sports helmets, designed using the latest technological research along with expert camera skydivers and users to accurately identify and address skydivers’ needs.

The result is Sky Shot Design’s modular helmet system with the core values: safety, style and usability

– products you can trust and enjoy.

Alongside our Skydiving helmet system we offer a range of design services for all aspects of the product or concept life cycle ranging from ‘fuzzy front end’ research, concept generation, design development, prototyping & testing, through to the implications of manufacture and branding construction.

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